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IAESI – The Israel Association of Electronics and Software Industries
represents Israel's hi-tech and software industries, the driving force of
Israel's economy and the principal factor behind Israel's economic growth
over the past thirty years. IAESI encompasses some 300 companies
engaged in electronics, semi-conductors, communications, electro-optics,
medical instrumentation, security systems, and software.
• To lead the electronics and software industries of Israel toward development
and sales revenue increases.
• To lead, influence and represent its members to the decision makers in
the government and the Knesset, in order to promote the interests of
the electronics and software industries.
• To expand and extend the international market for Israeli industry, by
creating new opportunities and global cooperation initiatives.
• To promote technological education as it is the central component of the
industry's strength, and to create an infrastructure for future development.
• To extend the industry to the periphery, by the geographic deployment
of plants to peripheral areas, as well as by training suitable manpower
from the local populations.
• To promote the professional and economic interests of the electronics
and software industries, as part of overall national goals.
The electronics and software industries, or as more commonly known - the
"hi-tech industry" is the growth engine of Israel's economy and its development
is fully correlated with Israel's economic expansion.
Some 50% of Israel's industrial exports are produced by its hi-tech industry.
Notwithstanding a number of crises experienced by the industry in recent
years, ranging from the sharp appreciation of the Israeli currency, onward
to the global economic crisis, and back to the sharp appreciation of the
Israeli currency that we experienced during 2013, the hi-tech industry has
always found its way to sustained annual growth. In 2013 the industry's sales
turnover reached $27 billion, with over 80%of its turnover exported, which
would not be the case had it not been for its ability to offer top innovation
and top quality to the world.
Israel's hi-tech industry, viewed as a brand by many countries, has reinforced
the country's international reputation. Delegations from all corners of
the world come to learn and duplicate Israel's achievements in their own
countries. Israel is justifiably proud of this development, but it also presents
ever-increasing competitive challenges from the world economy. Therefore,
Israel must never remain complacent. Israel must ensure that this industry
continues to flourish and overcome all challenges, whilemaintaining its growth.
Israel's decision makers, in the government and the Knesset, recognize the
importance and contribution of the hi-tech industry to the economic well-
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Elisha Yanay
Chairman of the Board
Line of Business
Represents and promotes Israel's
electronic and software industries
Established 1972
29 Hamered St., P.O.B. 50026, Tel-Aviv 6150001
Shlomo Waxe
Director General
Israel Association of Electronics & Software
Industries – IAESI
being of the State and as this industry is Israel's leading growth engine; it is
not sufficient to recognize its importance and to be proud of its achievements,
but rather to take action.
The IAESI has acted, is acting, and will continue to act, to advance Israel's
hi-tech industry, with decision makers in the government and the Knesset, so
that they will help the industry continue to successfully contend with the ever
increasing and strengthening competition, all the while continuing to flourish.
The IAESI has chosen to expand the hi-tech industry's sales turnover to $40
billion each year, within a few years. To achieve this goal, the IAESI introduced
a policy document detailing the issues to be considered, to the relevant
decision makers. In order to promote these issues presented by the IAESI,
meetings were held with Knesset Ministers, with senior officials of Ministry
offices, and with members at large of the Knesset. We must admit that the
processes are long, but we will continue to act. If these proposals will be
adopted, they will have an effect on all companies, from the start-up stage
through small, and medium companies, and up to the largest companies. The
IAESI believes and is convinced that this target can be realistically achieved,
and that decision makers in the Government and in the Knesset must act.
IAESI policies and activities are decided upon and charted by its Presidium,
composed of 11 members headed by its Chairman. The Presidium is elected
by the IAESI general meeting, and represents a broad range of its member
IAESI maintains contacts with similar organizations abroad and is an active
member in forums, encompassing electronics associations throughout the
• AEF – Asia Electronics Forum
• WEF – World Electronics Forum
These associations meet periodically for discussions and exchange of
information on the global electronics industries. These meetings contribute to
strengthening ties, and occasionally to opening doors to industrial benefits.
IAESI is an associatemember of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards
Institute), thus enabling its members to participate in the deliberations of
this body and influence standardization in the telecommunications field.
IAESI will continue to lead and act for Israel's hi-tech industry and thus the
Israeli economy as a whole.
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