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An independent statutory organization, The Standards Institution of
Israel (SII) is responsible for the formulation of standards for products
and services in all spheres and practical implementation of such in Israel.
SII operates under the authority granted it by the 1953 Standards Law.
SII activity focuses on three primary areas: standardization, testing and quality
assurance. Integration of these areas under one roof creates a synergetic
system with feedback, facilitating concentration of professional talent,
operational efficiency and economy of resources.
The bodies responsible for setting SII policy are public, with its supreme body
being the General Council consisting of some seventy members, which in
turn elects the SII Executive Committee and its chairman. All economic and
social sectors are represented in the SII bodies: industrial sector branches,
the commercial sector, the consumer sector, state authorities, scientific and
research bodies, among others. SII is a member of international standards
bodies, including the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). SII is affiliated with parallel
bodies in various countries through mutual recognition agreements which
validate the Israel Standards Mark outside the borders of Israel.
Standardization is the core activity of SII, aimed primarily at protecting the
consumer from faulty products, ensuring the consumer's safety and health,
improving communication between professionals, creating a common
denominator for various manufacturing systems, reducing manufacturing
costs and facilitating international trade.
A standard is a document listing the technical requirements applicable to a
product so that it would comply with its intended purpose. The standard deals
with the characteristics of the product, its service or process. The Standards
Division coordinates formulation of the standards, to which end it activates
hundreds of technical committees, whose members include thousands of
representatives from all economic and social sectors. Standards committee
members are key personnel and decision makers in their organizations and
spheres of activity. Although the standards are of a voluntary nature, some
become obligatory, whether by being declared as official standards by the
Minister of Industry and Trade, or by publication of an order or regulation
by the minister in responsible for that area.
Thousands of standards deal with the safety, security, health and welfare of
the individual, including standards for environmental quality; standards for
products and manufacturing processes; standards for service procedures;
standards for managing quality systems; standards addressing the era of
telecommunications and the Internet.
Line of Business
Standardization, testing
and certification
Established 1945
Daniel Goldstein
SII operates a testing infrastructure, capable of providing testing services for
almost any product, manufacturing process or service. SII offers a unique
concentration of technologies, encompassing Israel's entire industrial sector –
from traditional industries such as construction, textiles, chemicals and metal
to the most advanced high-tech branches (electronics, telecommunication,
hardware and software). The testing array consists of three laboratories
located at the SII main campus in Ramat Aviv and its two branches in
Jerusalem and Beersheba. SII also operates several field testing stations and
many laboratories throughout the country. The laboratories perform all types
of testing on materials, products and systems, both for quality assurance
purposes and certification for standards compliance and quality certification.
Alongside the testing services, the laboratories offer assistance in formulating
specifications for products and systems. The assistance is provided throughout
the characterization, design, manufacture and quality testing stages of the
product, while identifying and analyzing failures, consultation and suggested
solutions for improvement and efficiency.
Extensive activities in the Certification fields are carried out by The Standards
Institution of Israel – Quality & Certification Division (SII-QCD), which is the
leading Certification Body (CB) in Israel (with a market share of more than
8500 certificates in a competitive market), providing our customers a wide
range of certification, verification and assessment services.
These services include accredited and non-accredited certifications, for
national and international standards.
SII-QCD provides certification to a large spectrum of management systems
covering the core standards of Quality, Aerospace, Environment, Health
and Safety management, as well as, granted authority Standard Mark for
Products Certification.
SII-QCD is accredited by RvA, the Dutch Accreditation Council, and ANAB-ANSI
ASQ National Accreditation Board, the largest and most highly respected
and recognized accreditation body in the world.
SII-QCD is a partner of IQNet. IQNet is an International Association of world
leading management system certification bodies, and the largest provider
of management systems certifications in the world.
Ran Cohen
The Standards Institution of Israel
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