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BdiCode 2014
Boutique Law Firms
rank in sector
Number of Partners
Number of Lawyers
Rank in Sector 2013
Firm Profile
4 2 The office was founded by Dr. Avigor Klagsbald and engages in litigation in all legal instances,
arbitration, bridging, governmental investigation committees, etc.
1 158
Nir Cohen, Leshem & Co.
4 6 The office, which is headed by 4 partners, is involved in complex litigation, mainly in
commercial law, corporate and securities law, class actions, bank and antitrust law.
2 8
Ziv Sharon office is a boutique office involved with all civil aspects of tax law. The office has a
leading team, including former local authority and prosecution lawyers and lawyers with both
accounting and law degrees.
3 159
1 6
Established in 2001 by Ehud Barzily, Adv. and Cpa. After working as deputy Income Tax
Commissioner, Head of real estate tax improvement division and legal advisor to the Income
Tax Authority. The office provides legal advice, tax planning, etc.
4 160
6 4
The office, which was established by Adv. Boaz Ben Zur, specializes in litigation in: commercial-
civil law, white collar, banking and securities, insurance, class actions, public law, labor law
and defamation.
8 161
4 5
Anat Biran's law office is one of the leading offices in construction and planning. The office
also specializes in real estate, administrative and municipal law. Currently, the office employs
9 lawyers.
5 162
Barone & Co. Attorneys at Law 1 9 The office specializes in tax subjects, including income tax, VAT, real estate, international tax,
purchase tax and tariffs.
Haim Berenson & Co. law
3 2 Managed by Advocates Haim and Assaf Berenson is involved in labor law and related subjects
(administrative, public and commercial).
Seligsohn, Gabrieli & Co.
3 5
Established in 1940 by Dr. Ernest Seligsohn, among the pioneers in the IP field in Israel. All
through its existence, the office has taken a main role in the design and development of IP laws
in Israel.
Adereth - law office
1 4 The office was established in 1942 by the late Izhak Adereth. The office specializes in white
collar crime and all phases of criminal law.
Levy Tyller & Co.- Law Firm
4 4
The firmwas established by Adv. Dorit Levy Tyller in 1985, currently employs 8 lawyers dealing
in liquidations, creditors arrangements and bankruptcies. The office has extensive experience
dealing with insolvency.
Gissin & Co. Advocates
3 9 Providing services in the fields of securities and company law. The office provides commercial
litigation services with focus on company law, intellectual property and corporate governance.
- -
Dr. R. Har-Zahav & Co.
2 3
Specializes in diversified fields, in particular, constitutional law, administrative law including,
legislation process in the Knesset, regulations and orders, planning and construction, freedom
of information and employment, project accompaniment, etc.
5 7 The firm provides diversified services, mainly in taxation, public and commercial law, municipal
taxation, acquisition tax and compensation funds, arbitration and bridging.
7 163
Sheinman-Negev-Niv, Law
4 2
The office focuses on white collar crime and represents businessmen, public personalities,
lawyers, doctors, accountants, military personnel in criminal, disciplinary and investigation
2 6 The office specializes in companies in difficulties, insolvencies, liquidation, stay of
proceedings, debt arrangements, disposing of business assets in Israel and abroad.
17 164
Michael Bach & Co., Law
Office & Notary
2 2 The office, headed by Adv. Michael Bach is a boutique law firm providing services in the field of
class action and litigation.
4 6 The office, founded by Adv. Gil Hirschmann, employs 10 lawyers and deals in defaults, civil and
commercial litigation and real estate.
18 165
2 4 Owned by 2 partners, the office provides legal services in taxation, commercial law and
economic crime.
25 166
4 6 The office was established in 2002 and provides legal services in commercial-civil law and
represents its clients in white collar cases.
24 167
1 10
Established by Tzvi Shoob the office specializes in representation before the various authorities
in expropriation and compensation, damage suits of real estate concerning planning and
20 168
4 7 Headed by Adv. Tamar Golan is a boutique law firmwhich exclusively specializes and provides
services in labor law.
34 169
Although the larger law firms are growing increasingly more dominant with the
progression of time, there are still firms that employ a relatively small number
of lawyers yet constitute an integral part of the industry’s activity. Despite their
small size, these firms manage tomake an imprint on the market thanks to their
unique specialization in a few specific areas of law, their quality and economic
strength, and the quality and economic strength of their clients.
The advantages of a boutique firm include, inter alia, its specialization and
experience in specific fields such as commercial litigation, company law and
securities, class action, banking and trade restrictions, tax, as well as niche fields
such as personal status, real estate, real estate tax, planning and construction,
collection, execution and white collar law. In addition the client enjoys the
personal involvement of one of the firm’s senior partners, whereas in large
firms, naturally, the client will not necessarily benefit from the involvement
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