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BdiCode 2014
rank in sector
Number of Partners
Number of Lawyers
Rank in Sector 2013
Firm Profile
72 156
A leading Law Firm in its fields of activities. Established in 1930.The Firm employs over 220
attorneys and specializes in commercial and capital market law in Israel and worldwide;
litigations; real estate and various other fields.
2 86
86 142
A leading law office in Israel established in 1972. Currently employs 228 lawyers, including
86 partners. Specializes in all fields of commercial law and continues, as in the past, to be
involved in important M&A in Israel.
1 88
36 133 Leading veteran office established in 1958. Specializes in commercial litigation, corporations,
real estate, technology and life sciences, antitrust, IP, project management etc.
3 90
53 95 A veteran law office established over 50 years ago, with offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It
offers a full range of legal services to a broad client base.
5 92
71 170 A veteran law office established in 1962. Specializes in corporate law, M&A, capital markets,
international transactions, commercial transactions, and commercial litigation.
4 94
39 92 Established in 1938 the veteran firm has participated in many of the largest transactions in
Israel, and has been involved in economic, commercial, and legal developments in Israel.
6 96
38 90 A veteran office established in 1921, with nearly 150 lawyers and interns. The office has
experience in dispute resolution, M&A, banking, VC, IP, project and property financing, etc.
7 98
42 91
A leading law firm, with offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Represents a wide variety of local and
international clients. Specializes in capital markets, technology and venture capital ,securities,
commercial and corporate law.
8 100
54 87 Founded in 1950. Offers under one roof a wide range of legal services in all field of civil-
commercial law.
9 102
21 52
Founded in 1983 by Dr. Mishael Cheshin, retired deputy chief of the Supreme Court and
Adv. Zvi Agmon, who heads the office since 1992. It is among the leading offices in antitrust,
commercial litigation, capital market, stocks and bonds, energy and infrastructures.
11 104
32 92
A leading office in Israel, provides its clients various legal services in all fields of civil and
commercial law. The firm integrates legal knowledge and practical experience with innovation,
openness and creativity.
10 106
23 53 Established in 1956, and is active in: commercial law, contracts, corporate, securities,
antitrust, venture capital funds, high-tech, taxes, finance, M&A, real estate, etc.
12 108
42 78
One of the outstanding offices in commercial and corporate law in Israel. Employs about
120 lawyers in Israel, operates a branch in New York and an Israeli desk in China. Leading in
international transactions, M&A, infrastructure, etc.
13 101
18 45
Established in 1988. Active in civil and commercial law, focusing on corporate law, M&A,
capital market, finance and financial services, media and communications, antitrust, banking
and commercial litigation.
14 110
Zellermayer, Pelossof,
& Co.
19 26
Established over 20 years ago, provides a wide range of legal services to companies,
organizations, and financial institutions in Israel and abroad. Many of the lawyers in the office
are also members of bar associations in the United States.
15 112
18 55 A veteran office established in 1940, specializes in BOT tenders, infrastructure, real estate
transactions, various municipal matters, and commercial and regulatory law.
18 114
18 58
Established in 1987 by Adv. Lipa Meir. Active in various fields: M&A, rehabilitation of
companies, bankruptcy and liquidation of companies, insurance, hotels, security issues, taxes,
real estate, etc.
19 116
19 72
A veteran office established in 1974. BGA specializes in most fields of civil and commercial law.
Since 2004, has worked in close collaboration with Hertzfeld & Rubin P.C., a leading Wall Street
law firm.
16 118
18 30 Veteran office established in 1936 with 50 lawyers, offers a wide range of commercial legal
services and plays a central role in some of the most important transactions in Israel.
21 120
Law Offices (ZAG-S&W)
14 41 Has 3 branches in Israel, 3 in the U.S. (ZAG-S&W), and 2 in China, enabling it to offer legal
services, leading in high-tech, biotech and cleantech, corporate, capital market, M&A, etc.
20 117
Caspi & Co.
16 19
Established in 1920s, among the oldest in Israel. Involved with major transactions in the
economy.Specializes in commercial and corporate law, banking, capital market, antitrust,
communications, etc.
21 34
Established in 1930s and managed by 21 partners, with offices in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Herzliya.
Involved in international law activity. Has relations with financial, technological, maritime and
commercial centers in US, Europe, Asia and Africa.
27 122
8 31
Levy Meidan & Co. (formerly Yossi Levy & Co.), established in 1992, currently has 39 lawyers.
Specialized in infrastructure, project financing, antitrust, corporate law and commercial-civil
24 123
11 28
Veteran office established in 1928 specializes in real estate, banking and financial services,
taxes, international transactions, capital market and securities, high-tech, intellectual property,
litigation, etc.
22 124
Advocates & Notaries
17 33
The office was founded in 1990 and has a staff 50 legal professionals. Main departments
include: Litigation (civil, "white collar", planning and construction), Commercial (securities,
M&A), Hi-tech, Infrastructure, Tenders and Financial.
26 125
18 30 The office provides services in commercial litigation, class actions, tax, IP, high-tech, corporate
law, etc.
34 126
Law Firms
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