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Dan Koller
Chairman of the Board
Line of Business
Credit cards - issuance and
Established 1975
Parent Company
Bank Hapoalim Ltd.
40 Hamasger St., Tel Aviv, P. O. Box 62030, Tel Aviv 6162001
Dov Kotler
Chief Executive Officer
Isracard Ltd.
BdiCode ranking 2014
Credit Card Companies
The Isracard Group, Israel's leading credit card company, has 39 years of
experience in the credit card business. The Isracard Group enjoys continuous
growth and strives to offer innovative products and services for its
customers – credit card holders, business owners and banks.
The Isracard Group is the leader of Israel's credit card club market, which includes
– Hever, Lifestyle Plus, Hot, Ashmoret, Raphael and others. The Isracard Group is
owned by Bank Hapoalim, Israel's leading bank. The Isracard Group is the only
one in the market that provides full settlement and clearing for the four major
card brands available in Israel and globally. Approximately 100,000 businesses in
Israel accept the leading brands that are marketed by the Isracard Group, including
Isracard, MasterCard, American Express and Visa.
Leader in Service -
Isracard placed 1st four times running in a survey of service
conducted by the Israel Management Center, in the "Core Business Strategy",
"Consistent Service" and "Groundbreaking Processes and Innovative Procedures
in Service" categories.
Leading in Initiatives and Innovations -
For the past three years, Isracard
has been leading a digital revolution that gives its users a more pleasant and enjoyable
experience. Following is a list of the products launched over the past few years: •
- A new and revolutionary service from Isracard and Easy2Give that enables
guests at weddings to give gifts quickly and easily using a credit card •
The Isracard Group provides innovative payment solutions that facilitate carrying
out purchases of pre-owned goods - up to a value of NIS 10,000 - on the WinWin
smalls website, and to pay conveniently and easily with up to 6 installments without
interest • A
smart phone
application for benefits and financial information
Electronic cellular wallet
– An advanced application that allows customers to
take advantage of certain specials in the fields of their interest and environment,
while benefitting from an advanced and secure payment experience, using a cellular
telephone, without requiring a credit card • "
Track Package
" – An innovative benefit
plan launched in 2012, allowing customers to receive discounts and special offers
based on their interests and personal life style •
- An Isracard application
embedded technology that allows all customers to call up a taxi cab and to pay with
their credit cards •
- A location pinpointing based technology that enables
Isracard customers, who downloaded the Isracard app, to benefit from special offers in
the vicinity of their immediate location •
- An app based telephone answering
system that allows Isracard customers to view, on their cell phone screens, a menu of
options and to route incoming calls to preferable destinations by means of tapping the
screen • Digital Representative ("Isracard, Just a Click Away") – an innovative web and
mobile service channel, operating 24/7, enabling the customer to obtain information,
carry out transactions and to join online services without any wait time.
Leading in Experience and Satisfaction -
The Isracard Group acts,
through its managers, to generate a supportive and congenial, results motivating
atmosphere. The Company places its employees at the center of activities, and
invests heavily in enterprise-wide activities for their benefit. For several years up
to this point in time, the Company has been consistently climbing the "100 Best
Companies to Work For" scale.
Leading in Business and Values -
As a leading Group in Israel's
credit card market, Isracard has the responsibility of setting a business cultural
environment, based on professionalism, credibility and high regard. We believe
in integrity and proportionality in doing business based on ethical standards,
and therefore we take great care to uphold a high level of integrity in dealing
with all stakeholders.
Leading in the Credit Card Market -
Isracard enables its customers to
benefit from diverse credit products, such as: •
Loans for everyone
– Non-bank
loans to all customers, including those who do not hold the Group's credit cards •
Fast loan
– A loan based on the available credit line of customers holding a credit
card issued by the Group. Fixed monthly repayments - rolling repayments allowing
the customer to determine the monthly repayment •
– Private leasing
arrangements – leasing tracks, which are convenient and cost-effective, especially
for private and business customers •
– Isracard offers convenient and easy
credit terms to finance the purchase of pre owned vehicles. We are obligated to
our business customers • "
Isracard Payware-Sail
" - Clearing credit cards via smart
phone. The standard that links to a smart phone and enables small, mobile and
independent businesses to honor credit cards anywhere and at any time.
Committed to Business Customers:
• A business application that allows
direct access to all business data directly from a smart phone – which provides
a business with a graphical expression of business data, turnover and customer
data • Business customer website - The website presents up to date information
that refers to the business account and is aimed at making business information
available immediately for business customers, with the objective of improving
business management. The information provided at the website includes, inter alia,
an analysis of peak and off peak activities, in various time cycles (daily, weekly, etc.),
a breakdown of the business turnover activities by credit vs. cash, a geographical
breakdown of groups of customers that made purchases at the place of business, a
breakdown of types of credit cards with which purchases were made at the place of
business, returning customers, etc. This information is aimed at enabling business
customers to focus their marketing efforts at the appropriate times and vis-à-vis the
various customer demographics, pursuant to the findings of the analysis.
Isracard offers its business customers a range of financial products, including:
• Loans that allow businesses to enjoy non-bank credit limits, under favorable
conditions • Check and protection discounting - A service that enables secure
payment methods thereby increasing business turnover without risk. This service
enables the business to convert postdated checks / transactions into cash, which
are deposited directly into the business's bank account.
Committed to Private Customers -
The Isracard Group is committed to
leadership in service, and constantly improves its communications channels through
which it keeps in touch with its customers, and offers: • A 24/7 voice response, which
makes carrying out a range of transactions possible without human intervention •
Direct queries to the Isracard's Deputy Executive Officer for Service via the Group's
Facebook page • Sending real time updates on purchases by SMS • Account
details dispatched by email, allowing the customer to receive monthly reports and
publications by e-mail, thus streamlining services and protecting the environment.
Committed to the Environment and to the Community -
As a
leader in its field, the Isracard Group is committed to supporting the community and
places special emphasis on strengthening the weak and needy populations of Israeli
society, promotion of future generations, the empowerment of women, and the
encouragement of the ultra orthodox to integrate into the work force. The company
constantly strives to increase awareness among its employees on involvement in the
community and encourages them to volunteer. Community involvement is reflected
in a variety of activities, such as volunteer work and monetary donations.
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