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Shikun & Binui Ltd.
construction holdings
BdiCode ranking 2014
1 A Ha'Yarden, P.O.B. 1133, Airport City 7010000
Moshe Lahmani
Chairman of the Board
of Directors
Line of Business
Shikun & Binui and its subsidiaries operate both in Israel and
around the world in the fields of infrastructure, construction,
real estate, concessions, energy and water. Its activities
include: road-building and infrastructure contracting;
building contracting; purchasing; land enhancement and
development; land sales; maintenance and rental of income-
generating assets; PPP projects, renewable energy, and water.
The Group's companies are taking, since the 1920s, a
central role in the fields of real estate ,construction and
infrastructure, in Israel and abroad, playing a national role
alongside their economic and employment activity.
Ofer Kotler
Chief Executive Officer
Shikun & Binui, part of the Arison Group, is Israel's leading infrastructures
and real estate group. Its companies are active in infrastructure,
construction, real estate, concessions, energy and water in large-
scale projects in Israel and abroad. They have proven achievements
in construction of infrastructures, residential neighborhoods, and
commercial and public buildings, and in the creation, financing and
operation of huge ventures in transportation infrastructure, environment,
energy, water purification and desalination, and international project
A Sustainable Living Environment
The Group has adopted the sustainable approach, and takes into account
economic, environmental, and social factors. The Group is responsible for
developing a living environment that avoids damage for future generations.
The Group has increased involvement in projects complying with sustainability
and has adopted (sometimes voluntarily) advanced standards for sustainable
management and green construction. The Group is also increasing its activities
in renewable energy and water.
Community Involvement
The Group continues to expand its community involvement, emphasizing
commitment to the future through projects addressing education towards
sustainability. The Group encourages its employees to participate in community
service activities.
2013 Green Globe Award Winner
In 2013, "Life and Environment", the Israeli Union of Environmental
NGOs, awarded Shikun & Binui its Green Globe the Green Globe Award for
outstanding achievement in environmental protection in Israel and its green
business initiative. The judges noted it is notable for an infrastructure and
real estate company to receive the award.
Main Subsidiaries
Shikun & Binui - Concessions Division
– Specializes in developing and
executing large scale PPP (Public-Private partnership) projects in Israel and
worldwide, mainly in the fields of transportation, water, energy, and social
infrastructures. Shikun & Binui's unique abilities in financing, planning,
executing and operating large-scale projects allows it to provide complex
infrastructure solutions and long-term operation, maintenance and training
services to government and the public sector, ahead of schedule and within
budget. Group's Projects completed or underway include: Highway 6 (the
Trans-Israel Highway); Carmel Tunnels; Hadera Desalination Plant; Israel Police
Training Center; Tel Aviv Court Building; the rehabilitation and maintenance
of the northern roads; and more.
Shikun & Binui SBI AG – Switzerland
– The Group's global infrastructure
arm operates as a developer and contractor in leading projects and executes
turnkey projects and joint ventures worldwide, including construction of roads,
bridges, buildings, water and wastewater facilities, telecommunications,
HEP and thermal power stations, quarries and factories.
Shikun & Binui - Solel Boneh Infrastructures
– the Group's contracting
arm in Israel for complex civil engineering projects. Solel Boneh specializes
in roads, bridges and interchanges, public institutions, commercial centers,
tunneling, and chimneys. The company operates factories for cement,
asphalt, and prefabricated elements production, and is a leader in green
construction in Israel.
Shikun & Binui - Real Estate Development
– the Group's international
real estate development arm, active in European markets (Germany, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Romania and Poland) in residential projects, offices, and
other commercial assets. The company is active in the ECC, in expanding
and developing markets, focusing on high-potential business opportunities.
Shikun & Binui - Real Estate – The Group's Israel entrepreneurial arm and
Israel's leading real estate developers. Since 1933, the company has fulfilled
many families' dreams by creating a perfect family friendly enviornment,
from advanced appartment planning to all the aspects concerning the
environmental development. The company has adopted the vision of
sustainability and environmental concern. The residential neighborhoods
that it builds comply with SI 5281 for Sustainable Buildings: Pardes Hanna
Carcur Dreams; New Rosh HaAyin Dreams; Carcur Dreams (the first green
neighborhood to be built in Israel); Givatayim Dreams; Kiryat Ono Dreams;
Ramat Rachel Dreams; Hod HaSharon Dreams; Talmei Menashe Dreams,
and more. The Israel Standards Institute has awarded 5281 Certification
of Excellence for Green Building to Pure HaSharon Dreams in Netanya's
Kiryat HaSharon– Israel's first green project to receive this most prestigious
green building award.
Shikun & Binui – Renewable Energy
– the Group's energy division is
active in the fields of energy, and renewable energy in particular, combining
the Group's abilities and experience in developing, executing and operating
mega-projects with technological innovation in renewable energy electricity
production. The company develops, finances, builds and operates renewable
and solar energy projects independently and PPP projects, and offers
construction and operating services.
Shikun & Binui - Water
– The Group's water division, develops and
implements innovative technologies, developed locally and internationally,
for water quality solutions in Israel and abroad, for municipal water supply
and industry. The company develops and designs, builds, operates and
maintains wastewater treatment facilities, using methods suited to the
pollutants involved and water use. Shikun & Binui Water has 12 purification
plants, 11 using Selective Electro-Dialysis (SED) technology, supplying water
utility companies with purified ground water meeting strictest HealthMinistry
standards. Purchasing 30% of Alcon (February 2014) has expanded the
company's activities to complex industrial effluent treatment. The company's
commitment to the Group's sustainability vision is expressed in creating
solutions that are efficient economically and energy, with smallest possible
carbon footprint; minimal use or avoidance of chemicals; and rehabilitating
natural resources to preserve the environment.
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