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Kesselman & Kesselman PricewaterhouseCoopers; BDO Ziv Haft
Shlomo Group Tzrifin, Nir Zvi 7290500
Shlomo Group's Consolidated Turnover
(NIS millions)
Shlomo Group
Line of Business
Vehicles, Insurance, Energy,
Shipyards, Ports, Real Estate,
Bonded Warehouses and
Established 1974
Shlomo Shmeltzer Dec.
Founder of the
Shlomo Group
The Shlomo Group is one of Israel's leading investment conglomerates.
The Group is invested in various flourishing industries and sectors,
including vehicles, energy, shipyards, ports, logistics, real estate, insurance
and communications. The Shlomo Group was founded in 1974 by the
Late Shlomo Shmeltzer. Initially, the Group was a vehicle rental and
leasing agency and provided associated services in the vehicle industry
in Israel. Over the years, the Group has expanded into numerous and
diverse business sectors.
Background and Group Structure
The Shlomo Group, established 40 years ago by the Late Shlomo Shmeltzer,
began as a vehicle rental, leasing and service company, and today is one of
Israel's leading investment groups. Shmeltzer's financial vision and his profound
economic understanding led the Group to its success and continuous growth,
and today it is one of the leading investment groups in Israel. In addition to being
the leading company in Israel in the field of vehicle services, with a motor pool of
almost 75,000 vehicles, the Group invests in various industry sectors. The Shlomo
Group includes Shlomo Holdings, SH.I.R Shlomo Car Import, AFCON Holdings
Group, Israel Shipyards, SH.I.R. Real Estate Business, Goldbond Group / Conterm -
Containers and Cargo Terminal, Tadiran Telecom and Shlomo Insurance Company.
The consolidated turnover of the Shlomo Group totaled NIS 5.7 billion in 2013
ShlomoHoldings -VehicleRental, Leasing, Salesand Insurance
Shlomo Holdings is Israel's largest and leading company for providing vehicle
services. The Company operates through its subsidiaries, providing the following
variety of services: • Comprehensive vehicle rentals in Israel and abroad (with
the international SIXT enterprise) • Operational leasing for over 54,000 vehicles
leased to approximately 3,500 businesses • Vehicle leasing and rentals in Romania
• Private leasing, in collaboration with C.A.L. • Sales of the Group's rental and
lease vehicles • Chain of garages and road services (Shlomo Sixt Garages and
Road Services Chain) - specializing in road services, towing and vehicle repairs.
These services rely on a motor pool of dozens of tow trucks and emergency
service vehicles and approximately 400 repair garages nationwide. In 2013,
Company revenue totaled NIS 3.5 billion.
SH.I.R Shlomo Car Import
In October 2010, the Shlomo Group signed a concession agreement to import
the Opel vehicle brand from Germany. Imports are through SH.I.R - Shlomo
Car Import Ltd. The Opel brand is one of the leading German vehicle brands in
Europe and is rated second in sales in Germany. Sales are made through eight
sales centers deployed throughout Israel. Since its establishment in January of
2011, over 15,000 Opel vehicles have been sold in Israel.
AFCON Holdings Ltd.
AFCON is active in systems-intensive infrastructure projects, control and automation
technological solutions, communications, and trade activities. AFCON undertakes
systems and technology intensive infrastructure projects, develops and sells
technologies in communications, control and automation fields, in Israel and
abroad. For the most part, the Group's activities in particular projects include
a combination of a number of services, from the package of services that the
Group offers to its clients. AFCON provides its customers with complete solutions
to their infrastructure needs, including service and maintenance.
The AFCON group has over 1,200 employees, with branches in Petah Tikva,
Haifa, Be'er Sheva and Jerusalem, as well as a number of branches in Europe.
The Group is also active in special projects in the U.S., Africa, India and China.
In 2013, the AFCON Group recorded a turnover of over NIS 1 billion.
Following are the Group's main activities:
Systems-intensive infrastructure projects
- (a) construction of power plants
- with emphasis on electrical work; (b) construction and public sector systems -
civil engineering; (c) electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, fire alarm; (d) natural
gas – pressure reduction and measurement station builder, conversions & CNG
(e) EPC for photovoltaic power stations; (f) production of high voltage electrical
panels, medium and low.
Systems and technologies, automation and control systems
- low voltage
systems-(a) industrialcontrolandSCADAsoftware;(b)control&automationsystems;
(c) remote meter reading ; (d) security systems, fencing systems, sensors / motion
sensors includes unique solutions for border crossings and port cities; (e) parking
control systems - hardware and software; (f) "Safe City" projects in various cities.
Communication - Tadiran Telecom
- development, manufacturing, marketing,
distribution, installation and / or maintenance of: (a) telephone exchanges and
unified communication and collaboration systems for organizations; (b) contact
centers; (c) data centers.
Trade - Ateka Company
- representation, import, marketing and distribution
in Israel of equipment in the fields of electricity, control and instrumentation.
AFCON is active in various areas, under many business models - as an entrepreneur,
as a principal contractor (EPC, GC), in joint ventures, as a subcontractor for
services and maintenance. For the Wind Farms projects, AFCON is acting as an
SPC as well as EPC.
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