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Alon Israel Oil Company Ltd. is an international companywith operations
in Israel and the US. Alon is Israel's largest services and trade company,
with $11 billion in turnover. Alon operates through its subsidiaries in
Israel in the fuel, convenience store, food and non-food store and real
estate sectors. In the United States, Alon operates in the refining and
convenience store sectors.
Growth and Expansion
Alonwas originally established in1989by ten cooperative purchasing organizations
controlled by the Kibbutz Movement. Today, Alon is held by the Bielsol Group,
owned by David Wiessman and Shraga Biran, and the Kibbutz Movement. In
1993, David Wiessman was appointed President & CEO of Alon and opened
Alon's first convenience store, pioneering the combined model of a fuel station
with a convenience store in Israel. The Group's dynamic growth included the
acquisition of Dor Energy and Dor Gas (LPG) in 1999, which positioned Alon
as one of the four leading energy companies in Israel. In 2000, Alon bought
the assets of TotalFina, including the Big Spring refinery, in Southwest US. In
2008, Alon also purchased the Paramount & Edgington, and Krotz Springs
refineries, and in 2010, the Bakersfield refinery in 2010.
In 2003, Alon completed the acquisition of 78.1% of Blue Square Israel Ltd.,
Israel's second largest food retailer, and made additional acquisitions of leading
non-food retailers, such as Vardinon and Naaman. In 2010, Alon completed a
reorganization of its holdings by merging Dor Alon and Blue Square, and thus
creating the largest retail company in Israel. Blue Square's namewas subsequently
changed to Alon Blue Square – a company that today holds Dor Alon, Mega
Retail, the Naaman Group and Blue Square Real Estate. In addition, Alon Blue
Square also operates in financial services via its 49% stake in Diners Club Israel
and in cellular services under the YouPhone brand under the MVNO model,
thus allowing the group to offer integrated fuel, food and cellular, services,
which make up the major expense portion of an average family.
The group launched the
"You" club
– a loyalty program based on the Diners
credit card platform, designed to strengthen customer loyalty to companies
within the group by providing benefits and incentives for combined purchases.
You has 1.36millionmembers, of which 150 thousand are credit card holders.
Alon USA – Involved in the US Refinery Sector
In 2000, Alon bought the US assets of TotalFina, and established Alon USA
(a public company listed on the NYSE, of which Alon has a 57% stake). From
2001, Alon USA is the licensee of the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores in
certain US states, and as well is the largest 7-Eleven licensee in North America.
In addition to its Big Spring refinery and its pipeline terminal, the company
operates integrated gasoline stations and convenience stores in Texas, Oklahoma,
NewMexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas. In 2006 and 2008, Alon USA advanced
forward and bought additional refineries in California and Louisiana, effectively
tripling its refining capacity. In 2012, Alon USA listed Alon USA Partners, which
includes the Big Spring refinery as a Variable Master Limited Partnership.
Holdings in Tamar
Alon holds 4% of the "Tamar" and "Dalit" natural gas discoveries' located
near the coast of Haifa, through Alon Natural Gas Exploration Ltd. (a public
Fuel, Gas & Energy
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Europark (France Building), P.O.B. 10, Kibbutz Yakum 6097200
David Wiessman
President & CEO
Other Senior Executive
Yitzhak Bader
Chairman of the Board
Line of Business
Operator of Gasoline Stations,
Supermarkets, Convenience
Stores, Non-Food Stores, and
Commercial Centers on Gasoline
Station Premises; Oil Refiner and
Oil-Related Producer; Real Estate
Established 1989
Ilan Kliger
Alon Israel Oil Company Ltd.
company listed on TASE in which Alon has a 80% stake). The estimated
quantity of natural gas at "Tamar" and "Dalit"totals 307 BCM. Commercial
production of gas started in March 2013.
A Pioneer in Fueling and Commercial Centers in Israel
Dor Alon (a public company listed on the TASE in which Alon Blue Square
has a 78% stake), offers gasoline at competitive prices within service stations
that set new standards for design and service. Alon was the first to combine
gasoline service stations with commercial centers, convenience stores, fast
food stores, coffee shops, and supermarkets. In 2007, Dor Alon expanded
its operations by purchasing AM:PM – the leading chain of convenience
stores located in the Tel Aviv Region. Dor Alon markets fuels, lubricants
(Texaco/ARAL), Jet Fuel (with Chevron) and LPG to companies and private
customers. In 2012, Dor Alon began to expand into related areas and signed
an agreement for the construction and operation of a power plant with a
total capacity of up to 124 MW.
Leading Food Retail Brand
Thanks to the acquisition of Blue Square – a public company dually listed on
the NYSE (symbol: BSI) and the TASE, of which Alon currently has a 73%
stake, the company enjoys the synergies of its convenience stores and its Mega
supermarket chain, including joint procurement. Mega is a major factor in
the Israeli food market. Mega stores are located nationwide, and operate in a
variety of formats tailored to customer requirements. Mega is careful to match
its range of products and services, to the demand of its Israel customer, who
expects to receive high quality products, attractive prices and high quality service.
Alon once again demonstrated its vision and leadership through the purchase
of Eden Nature Market – the largest organic and natural food chain in Israel.
Alon Blue Square also has operations in the non-food sector, and includes
the Naaman and Vardinon leading brands. It also has a 33% interest in
several regional radio stations and the daily newspaper –"Israel Post", which
is distributed in Blue Squares' supermarkets, gasoline stations, convenience
stores as well as other outlets.
Blue Square Real Estate
As a 70-year-old veteran in the Israeli retail market, Blue Square holds high
quality assets across Israel. Blue Square Real Estate was established in 2006
following a re-organization, which was completed in 2009, and all real estate
properties held by Blue Square were transferred to Blue Square Real Estate.
Blue Square Real Estate has become a platform for the future growth of
the Alon Group in the real estate sector, utilizing historical building rights in
assets of Blue Square and the initiation or development of new properties,
such as the wholesale market in Tel Aviv. Blue Square Real Estate issued
its shares on the TASE; and Alon Blue Square currently has a 75% stake.
Cross-Israel Highway
– Alon was part of the Derech Eretz consortium,
which won the tender to build the Cross Israel Highway, Israel's first toll road
(a $1.2 billion investment). Today, Alon has a 57% stake of the controlling
core (51%) in the company that operates the highway and a 100% of the
rights to construct and operate retail service centers along the highway. In
2004, Dor Alon opened four unique commercial centers combined with
gasoline stations along the highway.
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