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Bank Leumi le-Israel B.M.
KPMG Somekh Chaikin; Ernst & Young Israel - Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer
McCann Erickson
34 Yehuda Halevi St.,Tel Aviv 6513616, Israel
David Brodet
Chairman of the Board
Leading executives
Prof. Daniel Tsiddon
Deputy CEO, Head of Capital Markets,
Private Banking & Strategy
Itai Ben-Zeev
Head of Capital Markets Division
Dr. Hedva Ber
Head of Risk Management Division
Dan Cohen
Head of Human Resources Division
Ron Fainaro
Head of Economics and Finance
Shlomo Goldfarb
Head of Accounting Division
Rakefet Russak-
President & Chief
Executive Officer
Koby Haber
Head of Corporate and Commercial
Yoel Mintz
Head of International Credit and
Real Estate Division
Sasson Mordechay
Head of Internal Audit Division
Naomi Sandhaus
Head of Legal Division
Tamar Yassur
Head of Retail Banking Division
Dan Yerushalmi
Head of Technologies Division
Balance Sheet: NIS 374.4 Billion
Net profit
NIS 1,947 Million
274 branches in Israel and
52 representative offices and branches
in 15 countries
Leumi is Israel’s oldest banking corporation and one of the leading
and largest corporations in the Middle East. In 2013, total assets under
management of the Group reached NIS 1,086 and the Group’s total assets
amounted to NIS 374.4 billion. As of December 31, 2013, the Group’s
credit portfolio amounted to NIS 240.9 billion and deposits of the public
amounted to NIS 286 billion. The Group’s net profit in 2013 amounted to
NIS 1,947 million, and the net return on equity reached 7.6%.
Leumi Always
Established in London in 1902, the Leumi Group today operates 274
branches throughout Israel, in addition to branches and offices located
in key financial centers across the globe.
The Leumi Group provides a wide spectrum of high quality banking
services to all types of customers, starting with households, through
small and middle-market businesses, and up to large corporations.
These services are provided through specialized business lines suited to
all customer segments and are backed up by the highest standards and
uncompromised professionalism. The Bank provides additional services
through its subsidiaries: ‘Leumi Card’, the Bank’s credit card company,
The ‘Arab-Israel Bank’ and ‘Leumi Partners’, the Group’s investment
banking arm.
In recent years, Leumi has invested extensive resources in developing and
enhancing its technological capabilities in order to provide customers
with accessible and advanced banking services. Today, ‘Leumi Digital’
leads the digital banking field in Israel, with a wide variety of innovative
on-line banking services which are carried out through various platforms,
including the internet, social media, smartphones, tablets, ‘Leumi Digital’
stations and ATM’s.
Business Lines
Retail Banking
This business line provides full banking services to private customers and
small businesses through some 240 branches located across the country,
including branches of the ‘Arab-Israel Bank’. The business line also
manages Leumi’s innovative digital services (‘Leumi Digital’), including
the Bank’s direct banking channels: the Bank’s website, the ‘Leumi Call
Center’, applications for smartphones and tablets, Leumi’s ‘Total Digital’
account and the digital stations located at bank branches.
Corporate Banking
This business line provides comprehensive financial services to Israel’s largest
businesses and multinational corporations, including construction and
contracting companies involved in large scale real estate and infrastructure
projects. Among others, the Corporate Banking deals with customers
who have structured business operations, global operations or whose
business operations are managed in the bank’s overseas subsidiaries.
The objective of the Corporate Banking is to provide customers with
a full range of financial services and products tailored to their needs,
while initiating involvement of the Group’s different units in Israel and
abroad, as much as needed.
Commercial Banking
This business line specializes in providing banking and financial services to
middle- market companies through 24 commercial branches across the
country and the central branch in Tel Aviv. The organizational structure of
this business line is unique in the banking system and enables the Bank
to provide a comprehensive “one-stop shop” to its clients.
Private Banking
This business line provides customized financial services to high-net-
worth individuals through unique Private Banking centers in Israel which
are designated for Israeli and foreign residents, and through the Bank’s
subsidiaries in Switzerland and in Luxembourg.
International Banking
This business line provides commercial banking services to individuals
and to Israeli companies operating in international markets. This includes
Leumi USA, Leumi UK, Leumi Romania and Leumi’s representative office
in Shanghai, China.
Capital Markets
This business line offers financial services to institutional customers and
foreign banks, manages Leumi’s dealing rooms (Israeli Securities, Foreign
Securities, Forex and Derivatives) and provides capital market services
to the Bank’s customers.
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