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Bank Hapoalim, Israel's leading financial services group, offers diverse services
ranging frombasic banking to complex financing of large scale projects. During
its over 90 years of existence, the Bank has developed a branch network
and extensive commercial activity in all areas of banking. With about 13,000
employees, the Bank Group is the leader in the Israeli banking industry in terms
of corporate lending, retail and internet banking and credit card activities.
The Group also operates abroad via branches, representative offices and
subsidiaries, aswell as through relationshipswith correspondent banksworldwide.
The Bank published its financial statements for 2013 on March 20, 2014.
The net profit of the Bank Group reached NIS 2,580 million, compared with
NIS 2,543 million in 2012.
Net return on equity reached 9.3%, compared with 10.1% in 2012.
The Bank's total capital adequacy ratio continued its trend of improvement and
reached 15.6%at the end of 2013, compared with 15.7%at the end of 2012.
For long term foreign currency activity, international rating agencies have
positioned the Bank as follows: Moody's: A2, Standard & Poor's: BBB+, Fitch:
A-. In Israel, S&P Maalot, Israel Securities Rating Company Ltd., issued an
AA+ rating, and Midroog (a subsidiary of Moody's) issued an Aaa rating.
Operations of the Bank Group in Israel
The Bank operates in all areas of banking. The Bank's activities with the
majority of its customers are handled mainly by two areas: the Corporate
Area and the Retail Area. The Corporate Area provides service to most
business customers; activities with large corporate clients are conducted
through specialized sectors operating within its Head Office, while middle
market clients are handled in coordination through seven Business Centers
and 22 Business branches located throughout Israel. The Retail Area, through
a network of 270 branches, provides the full range of banking services to
customers, including households, private banking clients, and small businesses,
and also coordinates consumer credit and mortgage activities.
The Bank Group's operations in Israel are also conducted through subsidiaries,
mainly in the following areas:
Credit Card Companies – The"Isracard Group"
– issues (together with
the Bank), operates and markets credit cards within and outside the Bank
Group, for use in Israel and abroad.
An investment portfolio management company, Peilim
– Portfolio
Management Company Ltd., operates within the Bank Group, managing
investment portfolios for institutions and individuals.
A group of companies, "Poalim Capital Markets"
– operates within
the Bank Group, providing a broad range of investment banking services,
such as participation in private investment funds, including venture capital
funds, and investments in capital funds and in knowledge and technology
intensive companies.
Poalim Trust Services Ltd.
– Provides trust services.
Yair Seroussi
Chairman of the Board
Line of Business
Commercial Bank
Established 1921
KPMG Somekh Chaikin; BDO Ziv Haft
Gitam BBDO; Adler Chomski & Warshavsky
50 Rothschild Blvd., Tel-Aviv 6688314
Zion Kenan
President & CEO
The Bank also holds art exhibits at its Head Office building, with revenues
devoted to the various foundations that participate in these initiatives.
Bank Hapoalim B.M.
Operations of the Bank Group Abroad
The Group operates abroad via banking subsidiaries, financial companies,
the Bank's overseas branches and representative offices. The main focus
of the Bank's international strategy is the development and expansion of
its Global Private Banking activity and of its commercial banking (middle
market) business in New York. The Bank maintains ties with correspondent
banks worldwide, through which it conducts international activities. These
activities include foreign currency trading through dealing rooms, cooperation
in foreign trade and financing of international trade transactions, project
finance, clearing arrangements and capital markets services.
Global Private Banking
The Bank provides its customers abroad with advanced professional services
and products, including investment products and global asset management.
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