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Engel House, 88 Yigal Alon St., P.O.B. 14221, Tel Aviv 6114102
Line of Business
Certified Public
Accountants (Isr.)
Established 1987
Ofer Cheredman
Shmulik Hirshfeld Ehud Avrahami
Kobi Shtainmetz
Reem Aminoach
UHY Shtainmetz Aminoach & Co., Certified Public Accountants
Aharon Michaely Orit Rubin-
Shtainmetz Aminoach & Co., Certified Public Accountants ("Firm") serves
some 4,000 of Israel's leading companies. The Firm is continuing to grow
and emphasizes professional services at the highest level possible. The
Firm's services include financial statement preparation, accounting and
audits, internal and forensic auditing, domestic and international tax
planning and structuring, tax agreements, voluntary tax disclosures, tax
pre-rulings, trusteeships (under Section 102 of the Income Tax Ordinance),
financial management for acquisition groups, US tax compliance and
consulting, establishing overseas corporations, international taxation,
treasury work, and cash management.
The Firm was established in 1987 and is part of the international UHY chain,
with about 272 firms in approximately 89 countries. The Firm specializes in a
wide range of services, including accounting and audits, tax and tax planning,
representations before the tax authorities, and international taxation. The Firm
has extensive experience and expertise in tax pre-rulings and provides tax and
advisory services to banks, insurance companies, and large conglomerates.
The Firm's 250 employees include five former senior managers at the Income
Tax Authority, seven managers who hold academic law degrees in addition
to C.P.A. licenses, with five managers holding the two licenses jointly to
practice in their fields.
The Firm's Special Edge
The Firm specializes in taxation – both international taxation and complex
tax planning in Israel. The partners' and employees' expertise and experience
enable them to serve their many clients, which come frommany segments of
Israel's economy, such as banks, insurance companies, contractors, hi-tech
companies, industrial plants, as well as international and local conglomerates.
The Firm specializes in international taxation and complex Israeli tax planning.
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board ("PCAOB")
Shtainmentz Aminoach & Co. is one of the only C.P.A. firms in Israel who
is approved by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to
submit financial statements of companies/subsidiaries traded on US stock
exchanges. The PCAOB was established following the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of
2002. Accordingly, a firm of C.P.A.'s, which is not approved by the PCAOB, is
not entitled to undertake any auditing work for companies whose securities
are offered to the public and are listed for trading. After very intensive tests,
the PCAOB decided that Shtainmetz Aminoach & Co. complies with the very
highest standards required to undertake audits and submit financial statements.
Income Tax Pre-Ruling Decisions
Over the years, the Firm has gained valuable experience in the field of income
tax pre-rulings. Using the pre-ruling framework, the Firm can ease a client's
uncertainty and business risk vis-à-vis complex tax issues. The Firm is involved
in pre-ruling work in the following fields – income tax, real estate tax, value-
added tax, international tax, and mergers and divestitures.
A pre-ruling decision is binding for both contract law and administrative
law. When submitting the pre-ruling request, the Firm safeguards its client's
anonymity, and only afterwards discloses the client's full details. The Firm
provides this service to its own permanent clientele as well as to non-clients
who only ask for this service.
Voluntary Disclosures
The Firm also specializes in voluntary disclosures, working with the Income Tax
Authority's Investigations Department, representing non-client companies and
private individuals in amending their reports or reporting previously undeclared
income, while obtaining commitments from the Income Tax Authority and the
State Prosecutor's Office not to initiate criminal proceedings against them.
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