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The Luzzatto Group incorporates several companies, all dealing with
different aspects of development, preservation and the leveraging of
intellectual property and the commercialization of technologies, in the
domestic market and abroad. The Group specializes in its synergetic
vision of its clients' needs, while taking a strategic and long-term
approach to the nature of R&D, alongside commercial-economic
leveraging of the inventions, through the use of diverse tools and
in alignment with the worldwide developing market of technology
commercialization and patent monetization.
Intellectual property is considered to be one of the most important fields in a
country's economic growth. In recent decades, this field has undergone intense
globalization processes and is highly influenced by technological changes. In
order to cope with the challenges posed to entrepreneurs and developers,
the Group developed a line of multi-disciplinary solutions intended to enable
professional treatment of the different aspects of the business development of
technological products. These solutions start by dealing with the preliminary
idea, to the various R&D processes - while emphasizing intellectual property
aspects - and all the way through the capital recruitment for technological
projects, technology commercialization and patent monetization, location
of strategic partners, locally and overseas, breaking through emerging Asian
markets, etc.
Luzzatto & Luzzatto is one of the leading patent law firms in Israel. The firm is
unique for its combination of longstanding tradition of a family-owned firm,
passed on from father to son for four generations now, and for its innovative
work environment, modernmanagement practices and advanced computerized
infrastructure which is at the forefront of worldwide technology.
The firm is a strong believer in strict work ethics, providing individual service
and managing global relations. The firm earned a reputation of being a
professional patent law office which professionally handles intellectual property
for the benefit of its clients.
The firm was established 145 years ago by Riccardo Luzzatto in Milan, Italy,
under the name "Studio Luzzatto". In 1976 Dr. Edgar Luzzatto established
the firm's office in Israel, which became a leading firm in the patent scene in
Israel. Today, the firm is managed by Dr. Kfir Luzzatto – the great-grandson
of the firm's founder and one of the most prominent, highly respected and
professional patent attorneys in Israel, and by his wife, Dr. Esther Luzzatto, who
is also actively involved in public and social work. These days, fifth generation
family members are already working in the firm.
Human Capital
The firm's clients include world giants in the pharmaceutical, mechanical,
electronics and fashion industries, as well as leading Israeli industrial companies in
the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, electricity, electronics, optics and defense
Ernst & Young Israel - Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer
Omer Industrial Park 8496500, P.O.B. 5352, Beer-Sheba, 8415202 Israel
4 Berkowitz St., The Museum Tower (22nd floor), Tel Aviv 6423806
Kfir Luzzatto, Ph.D.
Senior Partner
Additional Partners
Haim Chechik
Zadok Fuerst
Prof. Emanuel Manzurola
Bruce Alpert, Ph.D.
Thomas Guttmann, Ph.D.
Esther Luzzatto, Ph.D.
Senior Partner
Patent Attorneys
Boaz Croitoro
Adina Cohen, Ph.D.
Zeev Shmelzer, Ph.D.
Sebastien Herrman, Ph.D.
Line of Business
Patent Attorneys
Established Italy 1869
Israel 1976
Luzzatto & Luzzatto − Patent Attorneys
industries, alongside start-up companies, university companies, technological
incubators and a long line of private entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors.
The firm accompanies the clients' R&D activity, starting with the basic concept
and through the completion of the R&D processes, while placing an emphasis
on intellectual property aspects, with a long-term vision for the benefit of
the inventors.
Aside from the professionalism exhibited in main technological fields, the firm
has a staff of skilled professionals that includes experienced patent attorneys.
The wide range of professionals, who come from various disciplines, enables
the firm to handle multidisciplinary inventions and to meet its clients' needs,
which are characteristic of many technological developments of our time.
In order to ensure the firm's ability to handle challenges posed by the future, its
team of management strives to maintain the quality of its staff of professionals
through continuous training, guidance and teaching.
The firm places great emphasis on maintaining a state-of-the-art technical
and computer infrastructure. A large part of the management software that
it uses is developed by an in-house software company, with the purpose of
supplying its customers with sophisticated knowledge management and
solutions, at reasonable costs, while providing real-time services from anywhere
in Israel or abroad.
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