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Home Design Sector
The company is engaged in the home design sector through its holdings in
Negev Ceramics Ltd. (“The Negev Group”), which is Israel's largest company
in the field of home and environmental design.
The Negev Group is engaged in the field of importing, marketing and
distribution of international and locallymanufactured brands, andmanufactures
porcelain tiles for flooring and tiling, including the export of their products
to many countries worldwide.
The Negev Group markets a wide array of finished construction products,
including glazed porcelain tiles and ceramics for flooring and tiling,
manufactured at the Negev Group's plant in Yeruham. Additionally, the
Negev Group markets imported ceramic and porcelain products, marble,
parquet flooring, sanitary fixtures, faucets, bathroom accessories, glues and
materials that supplement its product basket.
Lately, Negev expanded its departments with natural products - Negev
Nature - for stone, marble and wood parquet, together with experts for
consultation and coordination and featuring hundreds of different styles
from the best and latest collections.
This year, Negev started operating its newplant in Yeruham, which significantly
increase its productivity in the field of porcelain tiles production and will
serve as the global technological cutting edge in the field of digitally printed
porcelain tiles. The plant is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and
recycles all of the raw materials used in the production process.
The Negev Group has signed a significant contract in North America for a
period of six years: The company will export its products to the Canadian
Olympia Company, totaling NIS 400 million.
As part of this agreement, Olympia will purchase NOVO tiles, which will
be distributed to stores, contractors and directly to projects across North
America and Canada.
The Negev Group markets its products through a number of distribution
channels: • Independent Retail Chain featuring 22 stores • Export System
• National distribution system for projects • National distribution system
for merchants.
The Negev Group has expanded its activity through the purchase of VIA
ARKADIA - Super Ceramic - through acquiring control in the Orgal Company,
which distributes Grohe taps, the acquisition of Al Gal, distributor of sanitary
fixtures and bathroom cabinets and KARE - Wind & Water, import and
marketing of home furniture, bathroom and spa accessories.
950 people are employed by the Negev Group.
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