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12 Packer St., P.O.B. 180, Industrial Zone, Kiryat Malachi 8305917
Africa Israel Industries Ltd.
Avraham Novogrocki
Chairman of the Board
Line of Business
Holdings Company. Active in the
field of steel and home design
Established 1958
Avi Motola
Alon Harpaz
Africa Israel Industries Ltd. (formerly Packer Steel Ltd.) is a holdings
company that owns a number of industrial companies and other
companies engaged in two main sectors: the steel sector and the home
design sector.
• The Steel Sector – Through holding of 100% at Packer Steel Industries
Ltd and Packer Construction Steel.
• The Home Design Sector – Through Negev Ceramics Ltd. ('The Negev
Group'), in which the company owns 100% of the share capital since
January 2012.
Additionally, the company fully owns the share capital (100%) of Koa-Gaz
(a registered Russian company), which operates an industrial park in the city
of Kraskovo, in the Lyberetsky region of Moscow in Russia. Koa-Gaz owns
a complex for the manufacture and transshipment of construction and
infrastructure materials. The complex is built on 260 dunams of private land
in the Lyberetsky region of Moscow and includes buildings and infrastructure:
railway lines and a system of train engines, connection to a linear electrical
system, connection to a natural gas system, an energy center that meets
the complex's needs, wells for drinking water and water for industrial uses
and other equipment.
Africa Israel Industries Ltd. was established in 1958 and is traded on the
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company is controlled by the Africa Israel
Investment Group Ltd. (73%%).
2,000 people are employed by the Africa Israel Industries group.
The Steel Sector
The company is engaged in the steel sector through its ownership of Packer
Steel Industries Ltd. and Packer Construction Steel.
Packer Steel Industries
Packer Steel and the companies under its ownership are engaged in the
process of metal and the sales of its processed materials to a large variety of
customers in the different fields and in the trade and marketing of metals.
Packer Steel operates from six sites located in various geographic locations
across Israel.
Packer Steel's activity includes the processing and sale of steel in various
sizes, the manufacture and sale of tubes and profiles, processing and sale
of steel poles and quality steel, galvanization of steel products and paint
services, manufacture of finished steel products, manufacture and marketing
of greenhouses, import and marketing of supplementary steel products in
the field of electronic enclosure and lighting poles.
Packer Construction Steel
In 2011, Africa Israel Industries began operations in the field of construction
steel through acquisition of an activity in the field and investments in
additional equipment.
Packer Construction Steel maintains a high level of synergy with the group's
Moreover, the company is active through Earlsfield Steels Limited, which
is a fully-owned company registered in Cyprus, engaged in the field of
international trade in quality steel.
A total of 900 people are employed in the steel sector.
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