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Israel Builders Association – Boney Ha'aretz
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Line of Business
Representing those involved
in the construction,
infrastructure, development
and engineering industries
Established 1949
Nissim Bublil
Eliav Benshimon
Director General,
Israel Builders Association
The Israel Builders Association is the sole representative organization
of those engaged in the building, infrastructure, development and
engineering industries, in Israel's marketplace. The Association strives
to promote the construction and infrastructure industries in Israel, to
protect the interests and rights of all contractors and builders in Israel,
and to resolve various professional issues. The Israel Builders Association
has some 2,000 members.
In 1949, the Association was formed to unite all organizations engaged
in building. Nissim Bublil serves as the Association's President while Eliav
Benshimon serves as its Executive Director.
Three professional divisions operate within the Association's framework:
the Entrepreneurship and Construction Division, headed by Roni Brik, as
Deputy; the Infrastructure Division, headed by Ilan Mordechai, as Deputy;
and the Contract Building Division, headed by Asher Green, as Deputy. In
addition, 14 contractors' branches operate within the framework of the
Association, and Yosef Levinsky, as Deputy, serves as the Chairman of the
regional branches.
The regional branches Association work together to restrict the operations of
various charlatans in the building industry, to raise the level of professionalism,
to battle workplace accidents and to offer joint training for professional
workers. In 2008, the Association signed an agreement for cooperation
with the Renovation Contractors Association.
The Association partners with the Union of Construction Workers in a non-
profit organization aimed at promoting the building industry, including
training and absorbing Israeli workers in the industry. As part of this activity,
the Fund for Encouraging and Developing the Building Industry launched an
advertising campaign aimed at absorbing demobilized soldiers and jobseekers
in the building industry.
Members of the Association receive personal and professional support in
a wide range of areas that are important to those working in the industry,
including labor laws and regulations, wage agreements, problems vis-à-vis
government ministries and municipal authorities, planning and construction
issues, contractual problems, personnel issues, and so on.
The Association also provides a range of homebuyers' services and information.
It operates a telephone information center that enables homebuyers to
confirm that the contractor is indeed a registered contractor and a member
of the Association.
Committee Work
Most of the Association's work is carried out by committees; each has an
elected contractor as chairman and includes Association members and
management, as well as external advisors.
Among the various committees are the Standards, Building Quality and
Contractor Registration, Taxation, Resources, Finance and Economics, Tama
38, Labor and Human Resources, Land, Municipal, Planning and Building
Contractor and Builder Magazine
The Association publishes its "The Contractor and Builder,” a bimonthly
professional magazine. The magazine includes a range of informational
articles, as well as a review of the Israel Builders Association activities.
Association Website
The Association operates a website, which provides vital information to the
contractor and homebuyers, including new tenders, job searches, building
and tender information, notices by the Association's Spokesman, information
on conferences and events, etc. The website also offers professional forums
on various issues, and Association members and the home buying public can
receive immediate replies to various professional questions, fromAssociation
Scholarship Fund
The scholarship fund was established by the Association to provide substantial
scholarship aid annually to students studying subjects related to the construction
industry. The Association also provides funds for the community.
Since his election in early 2007, Nissim Bublil, the Association's President, has
been active along with senior officials of the Association, on several levels
aimed at promoting the construction and infrastructure industries, and the
betterment of homebuyers. In November 2012, Nissim Bublil was re-elected
for another term of three years as Association President.
Just recently, the Association recorded a number of significant achievements
for its members and for homebuyers:
• The Association worked to shorten the payments schedule for contracting
projects with Government ministries and offices, shortening the period
to 24 days.
•The Association worked to promote the VAT reduction for purchasing a
new apartment for first time home buyers.
• The Association acted to stymie any Government plan to impose a tax of
3.5% on the price of residential homes bought by housing enhancers.
The proposed tax was, in fact, canceled.
•The Association worked to increase the purchase tax exemption for first-
time homebuyers who now benefit from a tax exemption on up to NIS
1.4 million of the cost of a new home.
• The Association worked to determine a list of uniform requirements for
contractors and builders in the field of fire protection throughout the
country, to ease construction planning.
• The Association worked to increase incentives to strengthen buildings
against earthquakes, as part of the Government's Tama 38 and urban
renewal projects.
• The Association, in cooperation with the Development Fund for the
Construction Industry and the Construction and Wood Workers Union
organized training and professional courses for thousands of construction
workers. Among the issues covered was training on accident prevention.
To address issues with contractors, and to promote the construction industry,
the Association works through its professional staff of engineers, economists,
lawyers, and marketers. The Association is also assisted by outside legal,
public relations, lobbying and accounting firms.
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